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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Riverside Theatres, Parramatta  ( Riverside Theatre )

11 - 26 February 2011

With a crash of drums and a flash of light, Packemin Productions and the Riverside Theatres staged a spectacular new production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in February 2011. Starring Andrew Conaghan (Guys & Dolls, Titanic, The Music Of Andrew Lloyd Webber) as Joseph, Australian Entertainment Legend Barry Crocker as Jacob, one of Australia's premier Elvis interpreters Mick Gerace as Pharaoh and a massive cast of talented performers and local school choirs, the production was an incredible launch for Packemin Productions.

Production Team

Director Neil Gooding
Assistant Director Luke Joslin
Musical Director Peter Hayward
Choreographer Katrina Gooding
Assistant Choreographer Amy Gough
Set Designer Simon Greer
Lighting Designer Sean Clarke
Sound Designer Simon Koenig


Andrew Conaghan as Joseph
Barry Crocker as Jacob
Mick Gerace as Pharoah

Full Cast List

Joseph Andrew Conaghan
Narrator Jocelyn O’Brien
Jacob Barry Crocker
Pharoah Mick Gerace
Potiphar Ian Johnson
Reuben Jeremy Curtin
Reuben's Wife Catherine Alcorn
Simeon / Baker Andrew Lindsay
Simeon's Wife Katherine Sharpham
Levi Nelson Padilla
Levi's Wife Jessica Mann
Napthali Toby Francis
Napthali’s Wife Jennifer Reed
Issachar Patrick Lee
Issachar’s Wife Amanda Porter
Asher Julian Kuo
Asher's Wife Amy Gough
Dan Philip Barton
Dan's Wife Lauren Cook
Zebulun Jordan Vassallo
Zebulun's Wife Christina Paterno
Gad Stephen Charles
Gad's Wife Anita Margiotta
Benjamin Alex Ford
Benjamin's Wife Carolyn Reed
Judah Mike Curtin
Judah's Wife Cassandra Joslin
Jacob's Wife Nicole Schleicher
Mrs Potiphar Aimee Timmins
Joseph Understudy Alex Ford
Narrator Understudy Catherine Alcorn


Sabrina Charters, Melissa Cooper, Rachel Galea, Jody Hooker, Tiffany Hoy, Luke Lamond, Sarah Powell, Rachel Sibley, Elizabeth Smith, Luke Spiteri, Elizabeth Testa, Aimee Timmins, Anna Woolnough

Children’s Ensemble - Featured Cast

Sophy Carol, Lauren Chapman, Mitzi Gardner, Isabella Gilbert, Karmah Hall, Declan Hooke, Andre Kamel, Julia Manning, Makayla McDonald, Demi McFarlane, Maria Michalos, Hudson Musty, Kevin Radd, Jonas Russo, Brooke Shelley, Emma Sibley, Kathryn Solomou, Breanna Sommerton, Isabella Sutton, Prajnar Vidyasagar, Ella Whelan, Corey Willis

Children’s Ensemble - Blue Cast

Bronte Bow, Lauren Brown, Emma Brown, Maree DelVecchio, Sarah Findlay, Philip Gardiner, Isabella Gebrael, Georgia Gebrael, Anastasia Gerasimou, Georgia Goodfellow, Kiana Harvey, Will Huxley, Paris Ingram, Cassandra Lopez, Caitlin Lopez, Caitlyn Maggs, Daygan Mans, Charlie McMurray, Rania Michalos, Elise Morley, Nicholas Morley, Tabiso Mpofu, Sarah Murphy, Megan Nair, Caroline Pace, Thomas Ryan, Sally Sherlock, Aaron Smith, Jemma Sutton, Caitlin Synnott

Children’s Ensemble - Red Cast

Ben Anderson, Ethan Austin, Ariella Azzopardi, Jasmine Bauer, Lachlan Campbell, Madeline Cove, Ben de Pagter, Daniella Edmilao, Charlise Issa, Alicia Kharoufeh, Stephen Kocsis, Liam Usher, Hayley Marshall, Trey McDermott, Ezara Norton, Felicity Palmer, Chelsea Palmes, Lua Pellagrini, Justin Rynne, Elizabeth Smith, David Stephenson, Megan Turner, Robert Williamson

Children’s Ensemble - Yellow Cast

Laila du Plessis, Melissa Ertler, Beth Ferguson, Ethan Fitzgerald, Riley Fitzgerald, Ashleigh Fryer, Daniel Fryer, Nathan Fryer, Jack Gwynn, Felicity Heness, Theresa Heness, Jessica Jenkins, Hayden Kirk, Kaitlyn Laing, Sandra Liu, Allanah Pollack, Lachlan Pollard, Kaila Princena-White, Courtney Randell, Melissa Stanton, Cassy Vale, Grace Vella, Harrison Wood


"A passionate performance by Andrew Conaghan gave this production some heart. I particularly enjoyed his rendition of "Close every Door to Me." And when he revealed to his brothers that he had become the 'Prime Minister' of Egypt and would spare their lives I must admit to feeling a tinge of emotion." - Stage Whispers